Average Length of Stay of our tenants 2+ years 
We are proud that on average tenants stay with us at least 2 years, the longest client stayed with us 6 years

Quiet Location 
Euro Residence is located in Thao Dien Ward, District 2 which is the location occupied by the most foreigners  in Ho Chi Minh city.

24h/7 security guards watch over the building and properties.
Newest and best maintained on the street 216
Established in September 2013, Euro Residence is the newest Serviced Apartment building in the neighborhood.
The building is being continuously maintained and improved with newest trends such as smart door locks,...
Quick repairs and fixing
All reports of failure (wi-fi, tv etc) are fixed immediately or in the shortest time.
Cleaning service - Less housework
We clean each apartment 2x a week (vacuuming, mopping, cleaning) and change beddings 1x a week.
No electricity outage
Backup generator ensures permanent electricity supply for the whole year.
Swimming, Gym, Table Tennis, BBQ, Entertainment
No more travelling far for relaxation needed, we have  swimming pool, gym, table tennis based at the top of the building, and  you can have a BBQ or have dinner with friends on a spacious rooftop with a city view. All for FREE.
Grow your own fruit & vegetable
Besides Euro Residence facilities, we offer land for planting your own fruit and vegetable, for FREE of course.